Zero Odor ®

Science in the name of love.

We’re crazy about our pets. But along with filling our hearts, animals also fill our noses. From accidents on furniture and carpets to litter boxes that make you gag.

The answer? Zero Odor. Not an air freshener or enzyme, but a true odor eliminator. Its patented formula bonds with odor molecules in an irreversible reaction that’s powerful enough to stop skunk odor — yet it's odorless, non-toxic and biodegradable.

Zero Odor Pet, Zero Odor Litter, and Zero Odor Pet Stain: a complete portfolio of products designed to erase the final barrier between humans and animals...with equal parts science and love.

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  • Zero Odor Pet

    This unique product has been developed to completely eliminate even the most severe odors caused by pets — on hard surfaces, carpet, leather, fabric, and in the air.

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  • Pet Stain Remover

    This powerful product has been created to not only eliminate even the worst odors caused by pets, but also to remove organic stains caused by urine, feces, vomit, and blood.

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  • Litter Spray

    The formula for this remarkable product has been specially designed for use on clay and clumping litter, and it has been specially created to be gentle on a cat's tender paws.

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  • Pet Starter Kit

    Only $29.95, a $40 value